After you see this, you will never forget the name of Ramón by Joan Crisol – Exclusive

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Fucking Fine as Fuk!

Fashionably Male

‘Cause once upon a time a Spanish new sensation Ramón Puñet a 32 year-old man, Madrid based, Gemini architect and artist and play the piano.

Does the real prince charmed exits? YES! and is Spanish! Ramón is represented by Solu Management,

“I am an architect and work designing and executing building projects. I love to paint and draw, I am also a pianist, passionate about classical music. I like to take care of my appearance and dress well, play sports, be in shape and healthy habits: be the best version of me.”

The following iconic frames are captured by photographer Joan Crisol. As you may know before, Joan is an expertise focused in capturing only the very best, a fine artistic photographer  with so much detail-oriented, and giving that sexy touch we claim every day.

This is an exclusive work for Fashionably Male, after you see this, you will never forget…

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MOTEL starring Leif Erik – A Brian Kaminski Editorial

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I want to see him in the movies, He’s so damn Hot!

Fashionably Male

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

He seems to be taking modeling by storm. It’s sexy Wisconsin native Leif Erik! Based in LA, Leif works with DT Model Management; he has various other agency representation, including AIG Model & Talent Management.

This steamy editorial is MOTEL by Brian Kaminski.  

Enjoy:Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski1Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski2Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski3Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski4Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski5Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski6Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski7Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski8Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski9Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski10Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski11Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski12Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski13Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski14Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski15Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski16Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski17Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski18Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski19

You can follow model Leif Erik on his various social media, @iamleiferik.

You can check out the work of photographer Brian Kaminski at:


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Boys of Croatia #1 by Mladen

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So there’s the beef… Yum… Today I might be a cannibal…

Fashionably Male

Ugo Božanović an experimented fitness model and athlete gets together with photographer Mladen Blagojevic in Croatia where the models is based.

“Boys of Croatia #1” is the following work you’re about to see, and will give pleasure and motivation to keep a healthy lean body.

As you know, Mladen is a traveler addicted and he always take his camera to capture every moment, and he can’t miss the sexy and hot moments either.

So where are you going to travel now Mladen? Meanwhile, take a look and enjoy!Ugo Božanović an experimented fitness model and athlete gets together with photographer Mladen Blagojevic in Croatia where the models is based.Ugo by Mladen (2)Ugo by Mladen (5)Ugo by Mladen (6)Ugo by Mladen (7)Ugo by Mladen (8)Ugo by Mladen (9)Ugo by Mladen (11)Ugo by Mladen (12)Ugo by Mladen (13)Ugo by Mladen (14)Ugo by Mladen (15)Ugo by Mladen (16)Ugo by Mladen (17)Ugo by Mladen (18)Ugo by Mladen (19)Ugo by Mladen (20)Ugo by Mladen (21)Ugo by Mladen (22)

Don’t miss Robert a Croatian hunk also shot by Mladen.

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Obsession #20 – Andrea Denver by Daniel Jaems

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Instant Hard On. Boing!

Fashionably Male

The most celebrate obsession: every guy model wanna be there and every photographer wanna make the shot and everybody loves to see this.

Obsession #20 is now featuring male model and Instagram Hot-Celeb Andrea Denver photographed by Daniel Jaems.

Andrea is wearing underwear and swimwear from Charlie by MZ and D.HEDRAL. And by the way, we found out that photographer Daniel has a new portfolio on Instagram, check right here.

Andrea Denver by Daniel Jaems3Obsession #20 - Andrea Denver by Daniel JaemsAndrea Denver by Daniel Jaems2Andrea Denver by Daniel Jaems4Andrea Denver by Daniel Jaems5Andrea Denver by Daniel Jaems6Andrea Denver by Daniel Jaems7Andrea Denver by Daniel Jaems8Andrea Denver by Daniel Jaems9Andrea Denver by Daniel Jaems10Andrea Denver by Daniel Jaems11Andrea Denver by Daniel Jaems12Andrea Denver by Daniel Jaems13Andrea Denver by Daniel Jaems14Also see full work at

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Perfection has a name: Dmytro Paladii shots by Thomas Synnamon

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Fashionably Male

Male muse Dmytro Paladii connects with photographer Thomas Synnamon in New York City. Perfection has a name, Dmytro is our new fitness obsession, just look how sexy and hot he is. But beyond that, he teaches us something, the male body is a full work of art.

Obviously he dedicates thousand of hours at the gym, but he’s got a pursuit of feeling healthy in his our skin.

Modeling underwear pices from Rufskin, N2N Bodywear and Todd Sanfield Underwear, he fits perfectly in those tiny briefs.

Got to see it, enjoy!

Dmytro Paladii by Thomas Synnamon1Dmytro Paladii by Thomas Synnamon2Dmytro Paladii by Thomas Synnamon3Dmytro Paladii by Thomas Synnamon4Dmytro Paladii by Thomas Synnamon5Dmytro Paladii by Thomas Synnamon6Dmytro Paladii by Thomas Synnamon7Dmytro Paladii by Thomas Synnamon9Dmytro Paladii by Thomas Synnamon11Dmytro Paladii by Thomas Synnamon12Dmytro Paladii by Thomas Synnamon13Dmytro Paladii by Thomas Synnamon15

Photographer Thomas Synnamon

Model Dmytro Paladii

Last drop from Thomas was this work, take a look.

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Simply Alessio Pozzi for Icarius

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Sexy and Classy, Alessio is stunning.

Fashionably Male

Nowadays this boy from Brescia has become the most popular Italian model in the world: Alessio Pozzi, a 6’2 of genuineness, fresh, naive and free.

Fashion Editor Icarius De Menezes and photographer Emilio Tini embrace Pozzi in a new Icarius Project session, a new art project that focuses talents from different areas into a male vision of art, fashion, technology and culture.

According to Icarius who wrote this —“His powerful face and his sculptural physicality made it attractive to increase young people and consumers in the final image clean and healthy. Alessio is the testosterone of a prototype of Italian man, who at this particular time is in contrast to a new movement, the genderless, whose protagonists are very thin, pale, fragile, delicate-looking, an aesthetic that offers boys still under development, not yet men, very different aesthetics Hellenistic, perfect body and Mediterranean colors that characterize Brescia model.”


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Model Jordan Barrett pays tribute to George Michael in GQ Style

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Maybe a little to pretty, but sexy as all that. I’m sure Micheal would approve.

Fashionably Male

Model Jordan Barrett pays tribute to George Michael in GQ Style.

2016 was a year of many celebrity deaths, and the latest issue of GQ Style pays tribute to one of the legends that we lost with a limited-edition cover starring Jordan Barrett as the musical icon George Michael.

Photographed by Giampaolo Sgura (Chris Boals Artists CBA) and styled by Luke Day (Jed Root) in Coach, Barrett channels Michael’s famous style, from the swooping coif to the leather jeans to the dangling cross earring.

Accompanying the feature, many people from the fashion world—from Camilla Nickerson, who styled the “Freedom! ’90” video, to Katherine Hamnett, who created the “Choose Life” t-shirt he made famous—also pay tribute to the late singer with their memories.

Available starting today in a very limited run exclusively at the Condé Nast Worldwide News shop in London’s Hanover Square, Barrett’s cover pays homage to someone who…

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