Yearbook Fanzine #12 presents Louis Mayhew by Karl Simone

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Sexy is as sexy does.

Fashionably Male

In Yearbook Fanzine #12 you will find the story titled ‘At Ease’ by fashion photographer Karl Simone with talent Louis Mayhew at DNA Models styling by Jenesee Utley, with grooming by Benjamin Thigpen at Statement Artists.

Louis Mayhew by Karl Simone for Yearbook Fanzine1Louis Mayhew by Karl Simone for Yearbook Fanzine2Louis Mayhew by Karl Simone for Yearbook Fanzine3Louis Mayhew by Karl Simone for Yearbook Fanzine4Louis Mayhew by Karl Simone for Yearbook Fanzine5Louis Mayhew by Karl Simone for Yearbook Fanzine6Louis Mayhew by Karl Simone for Yearbook Fanzine7Louis Mayhew by Karl Simone for Yearbook Fanzine8Louis Mayhew by Karl Simone for Yearbook Fanzine9Louis Mayhew by Karl Simone for Yearbook Fanzine10The new hardback edition of @yearbookfanzine – issue #12

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Incomparable Beauty: Jacob Dooley by Peter Brown / PnV Network

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Damn, he’s going to be killer!

Fashionably Male

By Chris Chase @ChrisChasePnv

As most of you know Jacob Dooley has been a fixture at PnV since he first arrived on the modeling scene. When I first met him he was a gorgeous you man with amazing blue eyes from North Dakota.
Over the past 2 years we’ve seen him move to Miami then off to the Big Apple and now with the rest of the beautiful people in Los Angeles. Jacob has grown right in front of our eyes. Shooting with some of the biggest names in the business one thing has remained the same, those beautiful blue eyes!
Recently Jacob had a session with an extremely talented photographer, Peter Brown. Peter was gracious enough to agree to a three part feature, showing three different looks and one Jacob Dooley.

Here is part one and is piping hot! Jacob Dooley by Peter Brown1Jacob Dooley by Peter Brown2Jacob Dooley by Peter Brown3Jacob Dooley by Peter Brown4Jacob Dooley by Peter Brown5

You can also check Jacob in “more than just…

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Only Kirill Kabachenko can show you how is done – Shots by Thomas Synnamon

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Always a true artist Thomas does it again and again!

Fashionably Male

Is not his first time in America, model Kirill Kabachenko has modeling experience before, he walked for Woodhouse last season S/S17 and A/W17 in New York Fashion Week.

But he radical changed his hair styling, from long black hair to shaved his hair. Kirill possess a fit strong body, cause that’s what is done lately and besides he’s working as a General Manager for Woodhouse in New York City.

Thomas Synnamon took us to explore with his captures Kirill’s body. The following pictures are in HD and you can see every single angle from Kirill.

Kirill was signed before for some Modeling agencies at Kuala Lumpur and South Korea, now he’s unsigned in America. Tic toc tic toc can’t wait to see this kid more often.Kirill Kabachenko by Thomas Synnamon3Kirill Kabachenko by Thomas Synnamon2Kirill Kabachenko by Thomas Synnamon1Kirill Kabachenko by Thomas Synnamon4Kirill Kabachenko by Thomas Synnamon5Kirill Kabachenko by Thomas Synnamon6Kirill Kabachenko by Thomas Synnamon7Kirill Kabachenko by Thomas Synnamon8Kirill Kabachenko by Thomas Synnamon9Kirill Kabachenko by Thomas Synnamon10Kirill Kabachenko by Thomas Synnamon11Kirill Kabachenko by Thomas Synnamon12Kirill Kabachenko by Thomas Synnamon13Kirill Kabachenko by Thomas Synnamon14Kirill Kabachenko by Thomas Synnamon15Kirill Kabachenko by Thomas Synnamon16Kirill Kabachenko by Thomas Synnamon17Kirill Kabachenko by Thomas Synnamon18Kirill Kabachenko by Thomas Synnamon19

Read interesting facts from the story:

Diving into beautiful pictures of Dewin Quiñones by Thomas Synnamon

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9 hot pics you’re just into Aziz Ametov by Sean Gomes

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Fashionably Male

It leaves you breathless, high pressure and may cause addiction. The session is photographed by Sean Gomes and Aziz is represented by Faunlet Model Management.

Aziz is a Muay Thai expert and fitness model with discipline and dedication he’s willing to take over his modeling career to the next level. He can be followed at Instagram.Aziz Ametov by Sean Gomes2Aziz Ametov by Sean Gomes3Aziz Ametov by Sean Gomes4Aziz Ametov by Sean Gomes5Aziz Ametov by Sean Gomes6Aziz Ametov by Sean Gomes1Aziz Ametov by Sean Gomes7Aziz Ametov by Sean Gomes8Aziz Ametov by Sean Gomes9

Photography: Sean Gomes
AG: Faunlet Model Management

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A PnV first with Sam Lane by Travis Lane

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Pretty And Smart…

Fashionably Male

by Chris Chase @ChrisChasePnV

I’ve been saying for quite some time “wouldn’t it be cool to do video interviews?”  Guess what? I did it! Here’s our very first video interview with Connecticut native Sam Lane. My thinking was that the followers of Sam and PnV would love to hear his voice and his thoughts on certain topics.

We collaborated on this and I think it turned out fantastic! Along with our video we’ve got EXCLUSIVE photos of Sam by Travis Lane. Enjoy this PnV first. The first of many more to come. A PnV first with Sam Lane by Travis Lane1A PnV first with Sam Lane by Travis Lane2A PnV first with Sam Lane by Travis Lane3A PnV first with Sam Lane by Travis Lane4A PnV first with Sam Lane by Travis Lane5A PnV first with Sam Lane by Travis Lane6A PnV first with Sam Lane by Travis Lane7A PnV first with Sam Lane by Travis Lane8A PnV first with Sam Lane by Travis Lane9A PnV first with Sam Lane by Travis Lane10A PnV first with Sam Lane by Travis Lane11

Photography by Travis Lane

Model Sam Lane at RED Models

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After you see this, you will never forget the name of Ramón by Joan Crisol – Exclusive

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Fucking Fine as Fuk!

Fashionably Male

‘Cause once upon a time a Spanish new sensation Ramón Puñet a 32 year-old man, Madrid based, Gemini architect and artist and play the piano.

Does the real prince charmed exits? YES! and is Spanish! Ramón is represented by Solu Management,

“I am an architect and work designing and executing building projects. I love to paint and draw, I am also a pianist, passionate about classical music. I like to take care of my appearance and dress well, play sports, be in shape and healthy habits: be the best version of me.”

The following iconic frames are captured by photographer Joan Crisol. As you may know before, Joan is an expertise focused in capturing only the very best, a fine artistic photographer  with so much detail-oriented, and giving that sexy touch we claim every day.

This is an exclusive work for Fashionably Male, after you see this, you will never forget…

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MOTEL starring Leif Erik – A Brian Kaminski Editorial

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I want to see him in the movies, He’s so damn Hot!

Fashionably Male

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

He seems to be taking modeling by storm. It’s sexy Wisconsin native Leif Erik! Based in LA, Leif works with DT Model Management; he has various other agency representation, including AIG Model & Talent Management.

This steamy editorial is MOTEL by Brian Kaminski.  

Enjoy:Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski1Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski2Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski3Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski4Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski5Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski6Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski7Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski8Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski9Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski10Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski11Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski12Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski13Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski14Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski15Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski16Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski17Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski18Leif Erik by Brian Kaminski19

You can follow model Leif Erik on his various social media, @iamleiferik.

You can check out the work of photographer Brian Kaminski at:


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