Watch What Happens When Model Nick Sandell Poses for Michael Hallenbeck! /PnV Exclusive

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He’s not shy, Hunky, Charming and Handsome to boo!

Fashionably Male

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

Everybody swoons over Nick Sandell. The muscle-bound hunk once again debuts a hot new shoot on Fashionably Male/PnV. Recently, Michael Hallenbeck shot Sandell for their second collaboration in NYC. Their first shoot got the tandem in People’s sexiest man alive issue. This new shoot became famous as a result of a short video that went viral of Nick strutting on the streets in his Calvin Klein underwear. For this shoot, Sandell and Hallenbeck hit the busy NYC streets and wound up in Central Park. Locals and tourists got an eye-full watching the shoot take place. Some onlooker even posted an image on social media of the actual shoot itself with a photo of Hallenbeck snapping pictures of Sandell.

Named Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine/Tinder for being the “most swiped right man,” Sandell’s hot hunky appeal is clearly evident! He even appeared on NBC’s “Today” show for winning the Hottest Man. Sandell has…

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The Lonely Project will change your life with Masculine Beauty Shots

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It must be the water,

Fashionably Male

I’ve been following around a year to The Lonely Project – creator by Ricardo Rico a Brazilian photographer expertised in body masculine shots.

São Paulo based he gets the best of any masculine shots, his project has been seen from all Brazil.

In this particular project, he works with fitness Luan Batista. Which this is a clear example about a beautiful male figure session.

Ricardo captures the very inner beauty and sense of every fitness, athlete, professional model he lenses. That’s a very important work, get the inner beauty.

So now, follow and appreciate this project, by the way, Ricardo only photographes nude guys.

luan-batista-for-the-lonely-project8Luan Batista for The Lonely Projectluan-batista-for-the-lonely-project2luan-batista-for-the-lonely-project3luan-batista-for-the-lonely-project4luan-batista-for-the-lonely-project5luan-batista-for-the-lonely-project6luan-batista-for-the-lonely-project7

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Cruise Control: Tyler Maher by Ben Parks

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A Mans Man..

Fashionably Male

Tyler Maher from Soul Artist Management graces the pages of the current issue of Manifesto Magazine shot by Ben Parks with Styling John Pashalidis.  Tyler wears a number of different looks for this editorial ranging from Bottega Veneta and Ralph Lauren Purple Label to Issey Miyake and Dior Homme.


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Handsome award goes to: Model Luis Alberto Montero by Jason Oung

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Handsome indeed. That’s an understatement.

Fashionably Male

Handsome award goes to South American model Luis Alberto Montero at VRmanagement is photographed by Jason Oung in Malaysia.

Luis Alberto is a 22 yeard old young boy, from South America (Brazil and Chile), he loves to drink coffee, having healthy meals and training so hard everyday, if you wanna keep an eye on him, lets reach him on IG.

Jason has a clever eye to pick his portraits. That’s why he chooses Luis.

Take a look:luis-alberto-montero-by-jason-oung1luis-alberto-montero-by-jason-oung2luis-alberto-montero-by-jason-oung3luis-alberto-montero-by-jason-oung4luis-alberto-montero-by-jason-oung5luis-alberto-montero-by-jason-oung6luis-alberto-montero-by-jason-oung7luis-alberto-montero-by-jason-oung8luis-alberto-montero-by-jason-oung9luis-alberto-montero-by-jason-oung10luis-alberto-montero-by-jason-oung11

Jason Oung:

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How can simple fresh digits from Pietro Boselli can cause a heart-attack

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How can someone be so sexy? It’s not fair.

Fashionably Male

How can simple fresh digits from Pietro Boselli can cause a heart-attack, he does not even appeared speedos, underwear or nude, he just get some new fresh digits from his Model agency, and that’s enough to falling in love with him.

The PhD hottest professor is reaching 1.6 Million of followers on Instagram (and counting), he can be seen walking for latest Plein Sport Collection in Milan.

Pietro is conquer the entire world. And we are ready for it.


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To Be or Not To Be, That Is The Question by Joseph Bleu – Exclusive

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He has Got it, Stunning beauty.

Fashionably Male

To Be or Not To Be, That Is The Question this famous opening phrase of a soliloquy spoken by Prince Hamlet in the so-called “nunnery scene” of William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet – inspired NYC fashion photographer Joseph Bleu to collaborate with fitness athlete Jon Reneau and did the result.

In the following exclusive material,  we can contemplate Jon wearing some selective pieces by Ralph Lauren, Robert Geller, Perry Ellis, TOPMAN, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, among others.

In 2016, Joseph did a nicely comeback presenting a portrait here with us, after spending time making alternative projects. We hope this 2017 spreading more about his artwork.To B or Not To Be, That Is The Question this famous Opening phrase of a soliloquy spoken by Prince Hamlet in the so-called "nunnery scene” of William Shakespeare's play Hamlet inspired by fashion photographer Joseph Bleu collaborating with fitness athlete Jon Reneau.jon-reneau-by-joseph-bleu-for-fashionably-male3jon-reneau-by-joseph-bleu-for-fashionably-male4jon-reneau-by-joseph-bleu-for-fashionably-male5jon-reneau-by-joseph-bleu-for-fashionably-male6jon-reneau-by-joseph-bleu-for-fashionably-male7jon-reneau-by-joseph-bleu-for-fashionably-male8jon-reneau-by-joseph-bleu-for-fashionably-male9jon-reneau-by-joseph-bleu-for-fashionably-male10jon-reneau-by-joseph-bleu-for-fashionably-male12

Skin by

Styling by Monkey

Hair by Gina Le Salon

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Joe Jonas sizzling us in GUESS Underwear S/S 2017

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How do you nicely say Instant Hard On? Boing?

Fashionably Male

Joe Jonas has become our new little obsession, with this new sizzling ads campaign shooting for GUESS Underwear, yes and we can see how fit and toned Jonas is right now.

The DNCE “Body Moves” singer stripped down for GUESS’ latest underwear campaign with Charlotte McKinney to remind us that the Jonas genes look good in jeans—and out of them. 

Photography by Yu Tsai  Stylist: Avo Yermagyan @avoyermagyan  Grooming: @mnmachado

Joe Jonas has become our new little obsession, with this new sizzling ads campaign shooting for GUESS Underwear, yes and we can see how fit and toned Jonas is right now.joe-jonas-by-yu-tsai-for-guess-underwear-ss172joe-jonas-by-yu-tsai-for-guess-underwear-ss173joe-jonas-by-yu-tsai-for-guess-underwear-ss174joe-jonas-by-yu-tsai-for-guess-underwear-ss175joe-jonas-by-yu-tsai-for-guess-underwear-ss176joe-jonas-by-yu-tsai-for-guess-underwear-ss177joe-jonas-by-yu-tsai-for-guess-underwear-ss178joe-jonas-by-yu-tsai-for-guess-underwear-ss179

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