Incomparable Beauty: Jacob Dooley by Peter Brown / PnV Network

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Damn, he’s going to be killer!

Fashionably Male

By Chris Chase @ChrisChasePnv

As most of you know Jacob Dooley has been a fixture at PnV since he first arrived on the modeling scene. When I first met him he was a gorgeous you man with amazing blue eyes from North Dakota.
Over the past 2 years we’ve seen him move to Miami then off to the Big Apple and now with the rest of the beautiful people in Los Angeles. Jacob has grown right in front of our eyes. Shooting with some of the biggest names in the business one thing has remained the same, those beautiful blue eyes!
Recently Jacob had a session with an extremely talented photographer, Peter Brown. Peter was gracious enough to agree to a three part feature, showing three different looks and one Jacob Dooley.

Here is part one and is piping hot! Jacob Dooley by Peter Brown1Jacob Dooley by Peter Brown2Jacob Dooley by Peter Brown3Jacob Dooley by Peter Brown4Jacob Dooley by Peter Brown5

You can also check Jacob in “more than just…

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