Simply Alessio Pozzi for Icarius

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Sexy and Classy, Alessio is stunning.

Fashionably Male

Nowadays this boy from Brescia has become the most popular Italian model in the world: Alessio Pozzi, a 6’2 of genuineness, fresh, naive and free.

Fashion Editor Icarius De Menezes and photographer Emilio Tini embrace Pozzi in a new Icarius Project session, a new art project that focuses talents from different areas into a male vision of art, fashion, technology and culture.

According to Icarius who wrote this —“His powerful face and his sculptural physicality made it attractive to increase young people and consumers in the final image clean and healthy. Alessio is the testosterone of a prototype of Italian man, who at this particular time is in contrast to a new movement, the genderless, whose protagonists are very thin, pale, fragile, delicate-looking, an aesthetic that offers boys still under development, not yet men, very different aesthetics Hellenistic, perfect body and Mediterranean colors that characterize Brescia model.”


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