The Lonely Project will change your life with Masculine Beauty Shots

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It must be the water,

Fashionably Male

I’ve been following around a year to The Lonely Project – creator by Ricardo Rico a Brazilian photographer expertised in body masculine shots.

São Paulo based he gets the best of any masculine shots, his project has been seen from all Brazil.

In this particular project, he works with fitness Luan Batista. Which this is a clear example about a beautiful male figure session.

Ricardo captures the very inner beauty and sense of every fitness, athlete, professional model he lenses. That’s a very important work, get the inner beauty.

So now, follow and appreciate this project, by the way, Ricardo only photographes nude guys.

luan-batista-for-the-lonely-project8Luan Batista for The Lonely Projectluan-batista-for-the-lonely-project2luan-batista-for-the-lonely-project3luan-batista-for-the-lonely-project4luan-batista-for-the-lonely-project5luan-batista-for-the-lonely-project6luan-batista-for-the-lonely-project7

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