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Happy New Year 2017

Fashionably Male

Welcome to Summary 2016 Top Influencers, the most iconic moments from male models, fitness athletes, including TV Actors and Celebrities.

Franco Noriega

We made a post about him on 2014, introduce his beauty to all of you. Franco Noriega in less than 24hs went viral from modeling from Peru and NYC. His entire successful was showing his cooking recipes in a YouTube video.


Noriega is a Peruvian chef and former professional swimmer who blew up on the internet this month after starting a YouTube channel. Lucky or destiny is marked?


Alex Crockford

Alex is a model/personal trainer who always support and help getting people fit across the world. Has a YouTube chanel, check out.

Who would though that Alex volunteering to give free hugs in London back in 2014. Now is a completely full time Personal Trainer and Fitness guru making everyday videos on his YouTube Chanel.


Mauricio Mejia

The 34yo

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