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Chris Cruz, is probably one of the only reasons I have my blogs. His determination to make his Blog the State of the Art in Male Form and Fashion are a labor of love few have achieved at such an early age. Throughout the years with his few set backs he comes back stronger and more determined. I know it’s not easy. I’ll always appreciate all his work and effort he puts into his blog and consider him a true professional and a very kind and humble friend that I love very much. XOXO, dannyboi2
Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year. 2017

Fashionably Male

I started with nothing, believing this new format of expressing myself, will heal a broken-heart. It works. This personal hobby suddenly demanded me so much more.

So much more, than you can’t even imagine, some people, may say, blogging is just write some stuff and adding some images around. But is not that simple.

I started on December 2010, I only had 180 visitors.

I didn’t notice about stats, about tagging, about giving credits of any picture I chose from Tumblr or Google.

Editing in English is so harsh even though is my second language. But I completely refused on writing in Spanish. I always though about start writing in English could read me anyone around the world. I know probably my grammar sucks, but I’m not an English Teacher.

I like to write as I think, although I always wanted to write as Oscar Wilde, Nabokov or Cecil Saint-Laurent. But then I…

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