15 SEXY Reasons to not Miss Summer 2016: Cándido by Joan Crisol

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Viva España – Damn sexy Bitch..

Fashionably Male

15 Sexy Reasons to Not Miss Summer 2016: are Mr. Gay Pride Spain 2016 Cándido Arteaga shooting by talented Joan Crisol.

So this Mr. Gay Pride Spain 2016 Cándido Arteaga, 26 years old, nurse man from Tenerife, Spain, sports lover, horses and traveling, he always fighting to reach his goals, and he’s defined by his own words: “Do not leave your dreams just being dreams”.  He won in front of 20 thousand of people based in La Puerta del Sol.

To promote sexy winner Photographer Joan Crisol go toa nice and beautiful Spanish beach to shot Cándido, where he comfortably poses in sexy tiny speedos across the beach.

We completely refused to go away from the Summer, we need sun, cute sexy guys need tanning their muscled bodies, so please come on and keep up submit your Summer theme pictorial.

Joan thanks for this incredible exclusive beach session, we…

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