‘Arrow’ Co-Star Exits: Show Producers On Tonight’s Departure & What’s Next

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Colton Haynes departure From Arrow, it’s TRUE…


SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details of tonight’s episode of Arrow.

The long-rumored shakeup in Team Arrow became a reality tonight when Arrow’s sidekick Roy Harper, aka Arsenal, left Starling City. The departure was prompted by the end of Colton Haynes’ contract on the show. The Teen Wolf alum joined Arrow as a recurring in the second half of Season 1 and became a regular at the beginning of Season 2 with a two-year deal.

After posing as Arrow and turning himself into police to protect Oliver Queen in last week’s episode, Roy tonight staged his own death in prison, then escaped, but ultimately made the decision to leave Team Arrow, getting in his car and driving off.

Colton-Haynes-Roy-Harper-Arsenal-ArrowWhile Haynes’ tenure as regular on Arrow is over, he is not necessarily done with the Arrow-Flash universe. Haynes is already slated to appear in one more episode of Arrow this season, and talks are underway about possible stints on

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