#HAPPYHUMPDAY Danilo Custowitchi by Xavier Samré

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My Fantasy Come True, Brazil I love You! Oh and Danilo’s not bad either..

Fashionably Male

Danilo Custowitchi1Danilo Custowitchi2Danilo Custowitchi3Danilo Custowitchi4Danilo Custowitchi5Danilo Custowitchi6Danilo Custowitchi7Danilo Custowitchi8Danilo Custowitchi9Danilo Custowitchi10Danilo Custowitchi11Danilo Custowitchi12Danilo Custowitchi13Danilo Custowitchi14Danilo Custowitchi15Danilo Custowitchi16Danilo Custowitchi17Danilo Custowitchi18Danilo Custowitchi19Danilo Custowitchi20Danilo Custowitchi21Danilo Custowitchi22Danilo Custowitchi23Danilo Custowitchi24Danilo Custowitchi25Danilo Custowitchi26

To wish you a very  very #HappyHumpDay we left you this extraordinary and wet session with Brazilian hunk male model Danilo Custowitchi captured by talented Xavier Samré, this session was for BeautifulMag14. Danilo a beautiful Brazilian delightfully enjoy the beautiful scenario and wearing comfortable Rufskin and CA-RIO-CA swim pieces. Thanks Xavier for capturing this stunner.

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