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Sweet! Erotic yet artistic, it’s a fine line and Milos hit it smack in the Center! Boow, Boow, Pow!

Fashionably Male

MILOS NASIO_MG_6549 Milos Nasio1 Milos Nasio2 Milos Nasio3 Milos Nasio4 Milos Nasio5 Milos Nasio6 Milos Nasio7 Milos Nasio8 Milos Nasio9 Milos Nasio10 Milos Nasio11 Milos Nasio12 Milos Nasio13 Milos Nasio14 Milos Nasio15 Milos Nasio16 Milos Nasio17


Based in Buenos Aires Photographer Milos Nasio has developed a very exquisite capture in this story entitled “Boxing Boys” with Argentinian beauties Juan Forgia represented by INDEX Management and the sexy Guillermo Salvatierra at CR Model Scouting. With his future in his lens this young photographer could magic in a room with stunning people like this essay. Shadows and light the mainly subject of captures. Juan looking stunning and the new comer Guillermo is amazing.

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