Fresh Face: Adam Dawda by Roberutsu

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Adam’s about as Gorgeous as you can get without over doing it! That face and body to die for… I’d give him something NSFW…

Fashionably Male

Fresh faced Adam Dawda at Numa Models, builds up his portfolio with a radiant new shoot by Roberutsu.Adam-Dawda-Roberutsu-01Adam-Dawda-Roberutsu-02Adam-Dawda-Roberutsu-03Adam-Dawda-Roberutsu-04Adam-Dawda-Roberutsu-05Adam-Dawda-Roberutsu-06Adam-Dawda-Roberutsu-07Adam-Dawda-Roberutsu-08Adam-Dawda-Roberutsu-09Adam-Dawda-Roberutsu-10Adam-Dawda-Roberutsu-11Adam-Dawda-Roberutsu-12

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