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Portraiture (an artistic representation of a person) not a word I was familiar with and I’m glad I looked it up, it’s truly a befitting description of Adam… another word would be HOT Damn Adam!

Fashionably Male

AdamDawda-Attitude-Models-1 AdamDawda-Attitude-Models-2 AdamDawda-Attitude-Models-3 AdamDawda-Attitude-Models-4 AdamDawda-Attitude-Models-5 AdamDawda-Attitude-Models-6 AdamDawda-Attitude-Models-7 AdamDawda-Attitude-Models-8 AdamDawda-Attitude-Models-9

We have very good news here in Fashionably Male. Canadian fashion, portraiture, and art photographer Roberutsu created a feature video for Adam Dawda‘s new agency in Europe, the famous Attitude Models. All in America knows Adam and the work he has done in the last year with excellent local photographers in the United States, starring recent numbers in men’s magazines. So we present this little compilation of images extracted from the video by Roberutsu, sure we’ll melt with Adam’s attitude, integrity, kindness and sex appeal that he possesses naturally. You’ve got it!

Title: OneTwoThreeFour
Directed by Roberutsu (
Starring Adam Dawda for Attitude Models (
Adam is wearing a denim jacket and black denim pants by Levi’s.

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