Conchita Wurst – Rise Like a Phoenix (Austria) 2014 LIVE Eurovision Telecast

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The ever so Controversial Conchita Wurst this “Bearded Lady Can Sing”- Rise Like a Phoenix (Austria) 2014 LIVE Eurovision has the world talking some good some bad but, again dialog is a key to diversity.

Before I saw the video I saw some photo’s at and my initial reaction was freakshow but, oh how my tears started flowing once I saw the video. I’m the real freak here to automatically judge what I didn’t understand.

A production like I have never seen before the Lighting and visual effects alone are worth looking at. Not the greatest voice but one of the greatest performances ever in this X Factor type of competition. Comedy, Drama, Transcendental force to be reckoned with, gurl Conchita at his finest.

Much of the controversy starts with the religious right, like always. Oh no we can’t have our children see this it’s against all that we believe is moral and decent. Wrong!


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