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I guess Shi* Happens but, look at the bright side now everyone will know who he is. No? My 2 cents, Dannyboi2

Disqualification of Luke Kubitschek contest puts into question

The decision of the organizers of the contest Mister Universe Brazil to disqualify and hence revoke the title of Lucas Kubitschek (above in photo by Sergio Vincent) is lamentable. And at least questionable.

Claims expressed in a statement that “the model violated the regulation because it has been photographed fully or partially nude” are of such hypocrisy and false morality that puts the competition as a whole in check.

After all, there is a difference between “posing naked” and “nude”. Are there fotógrados as Terry Richardson, Mario Testino and Rick Day, just to name a few and do not let me lie.

The justification that “the fact only became aware of the organization of the event after the end of the contest” falls flat since, unlike fiction novel where characters do not use pendrive or computer, in real life just a quick search site in a search for pictures of Luke, including some already published here at Fast-food (e) – yes, they are artistic photos.

Ironically, the very site of the contest features a photo of the model “partially nude”, covered only by a cell horse.

More: the statement that “the direction of the contest only learned of the photos when the international franchise thoroughly researched the winning candidate, thus discovering the photos in that it was naked,” demonstrates a lack of commitment by the Brazilian organizers with the rules required by regulation.

More seriously the fact that other candidates have been untruthful at registration, which invalidates the contest as a whole. After all, like believing in a fair election if the allegations of irregularities involving other candidates do not cease – participated, for example, candidates married with children, which is also prohibited by regulation.

Atibuir model to “disregard the elected committed to the rules of regulation” is an affront to the intelligence of anyone who takes style seriously profession; photographers to professionally portray the nude, and the public, who only have to mourn for such disorganization of those who say organizers.

Disrespectful is how manipulated an artistic image, putting a stripe on the model and suggesting that he allowed himself to shoot explicit way as if the pages of these magazines porn banking magazine. There is nothing absurd or grotesque in the picture – luckily, fearful of suffering a process, had the good sense to remove the image from the contest website.

Not to mention that, from the beginning, kinship and surname Lucas Kubitschek, third cousin of former president Juscelino Kubitschek, enxeram eyes of the organizers of the contest.

The feeling is that – and I sincerely would like to be wrong – is that the organizers seem so premeditated, want to promote a contest historically unreliable and seen by the market as plagiarism, this yes, Mister true that Brazil has elected Lucas Gil, Jonas Sulzbach and Lucas Malvacini, just to name a few whose beauty was deservedly recognized.

I have no doubt that the career of Lucas remains unshaken. Despite the controversy, he certainly will be prompted for serious work in view of his charisma, professionalism and beauty. I’m not so sure about the future of the competition. # REGRETTABLE


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