Luis Coppini by Pedro Pedreira

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He’s all that… everything about him screams sex

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MODEL: Luis Coppini
PHOTOGRAPHER: Pedro Pedreira

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Carlos Freire by Fael Gregorio

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Fine as wine, aging rather nicely…


MODEL: Carlos Freire


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His name is Landon Wetterstrom thanks to Armando Adajar

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I’d love a walk on the beach with Landon…

Fashionably Male

Seeking his own pace, this is Landon Wetterstrom a San Diego based instagrammer and model that Armando Adajar –the photographer– shared us this splendid work at Torrey Pines State Beach.

Landon got a beautiful body and face, he looks great in this black & white edition from Adajar, he looks in a serene mood, seeking inner thoughts, walking in the sand,  having this beautiful background behind Landon, a very good work from Armando.

Don’t forget to follow the track of Landon’s IG. As well as Armando’s work.

Keep always motivated with this:

Model: Landon Wetterstrom
Photographer: Armando Adajar
Pants: Oxygen
Hat: Quiksilver
Swimwear: Timoteo

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Fitness Motivation – Dig into Australian Hunk Ethan Fittler shot by Mladen

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At a Glance you’ll miss it, take a closer look, he’s the deal the real Deal… Sexy Thunder Thighs from down under and we ain’t talking Chicken Thighs

Fashionably Male

This is happened when Mladen –globetrotter/photographer– traveled to Tasmania in 2017 and he did this outdoorsy portrait with fitness stud Ethan Fittler on a beach in Hobart, Tasmania.

Mladen always looking for the best, in touch with nature, always seeking for the best guys as well, and he loves showing off the new faces he captures.

Ethan a charming new boy, instagrammer model, who loves to be a fitness competitor –actually he’s a WBFF Fitness– who loves to cook and he loves to give you the best advice to help reach your goals.

To keep up with Ethan, check him out at:
Model: Ethan Fittler

To see more work by Mladen:
Photographer Mladen Blagojevic

Quick sneaky shoot with Dan Ham by Mladen Blagojevic

Chasing the sun Rodrigo photographed by Mladen for a hot comeback

This is what happened when Ernest meets Mladen

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3 Unexpected Fashion Items Making A Comeback

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I like all these Comebacks…

Fashionably Male

Old fashion trends are constantly on the verge of making a comeback. The sweaters your grandfather wore are once again a style item. Ripped jeans came back (if they ever truly went away). Wearing suspenders was once a no-no but is now a fashion statement of note.

But sometimes truly unexpected items come back into fashion (or on the scene for the first time). These are 3 fashion items making a comeback that you can add to your wardrobe right now.

1. Military jackets

Military fashion has never truly disappeared but it definitely stopped being chic. We all know the type of man who wears military jackets and cargo pants, and it’s not someone who cares for fashion. Well, until now.

A military jacket, done well, can be very fashionable and men are starting to notice. Of course, you have to wear it differently to how your trail-running neighbor does…

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For your Pleasure Only – Israeli Summer shots by Eran Levi featuring Ben

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Gorgeous work… Model..

International Gay Guide

This following material is brought to you by photographer Eran Levi

Shot in an old Israeli Kibbutz –is a collective community in Israel that was traditionally based on agriculture– the type of scenery that inspire Eran Levi the most.

With a stunning new face Ben Almog, is giving this armageddon feeling a solitary young man in the middle of nowhere, Ben is the only one survivor, Eran photographed Ben in black & white for giving more drama to the scenario.

Ben who’s only wear a tiny brief, leather boots and sometimes nothing, completely bare, but then,  we got this juxtaposition that he’s trying to enjoy this coming Summer, along capturing every elements around this Kibbutz.

Inspirational, motivational, this is a true stunning work by Eran Levi, for your pleasure only, enjoy:


Photographer Eran Levi @levieran88 / FB Eran Levi
Model Ben Almog @ben_al01

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